Is Your Computer Running Slow. . .

Taking Forever to Start?

Do you have Popups, Tool-bars, or Error Messages?


Are you seeing things like this?

Well It Happens To Everyone and We Can Help!

Computers get bogged down over time with Trial Software, Overloaded Start-Up Programs, less than ideal System Configurations and all sorts of other Issues.

The good news is that none of this is Permanent!

You don’t have to live with a Slow Computer. We have a great service that will clean out all the problems and junk from your computer!

Why Choose our Optimization Service?

* The answer is pretty easy *

We Perform a COMPLETE, Professional and Fast Overhaul of your System.

Other shops elsewhere may only do a half service for our price,

Here are all the benefits to using our optimization service.

-Full Start Up Service Cleaning-

We not only remove Troublesome Programs but we also only enable the ones you need when your computer starts. We also reconfigure your master boot record to boot the computer using ALL of the system resources including all the ram and all the processors


-Full Hardware Tests and Upgrade Recommendations-

We go through the system and check the health of your computer. We will Test your Hard-Drives & De-Fragment them. We check to see if there is enough ram and recommend possible improvements or upgrades that may help. We also check the CPU & GPU temperatures to make sure your system is not getting too hot.


-New Virus & Firewall Protection-

We will assess your Anti-Virus Protection. We may recommend another product if yours is ineffective or bogging down the system. We will install an Anti-Virus for Free included with our full Optimization Service.


-Full Updates & Security Patches-

We will go through the system thoroughly and perform Vital Operating System updates or install all necessary security patches making your computer fully up to date.


-How it works-

Bring your laptop or desktop (just the tower) to our office.

We can give you FREE DIAGNOSTICS and then help advise you on what your best course of action would be, The repair process will begin once you have received a FLAT-RATE price that is agreeable.

The turn around time with our services is usually Same Day or 1 to 3 days.

Depending on the Severity and Services that your Computer’s need’s

Why Choose Us?

Fast, Friendly, Local and Very Professional Services

Lowest Pricing In The Area

I have been Fixing and Working on Computers for over 10+ Years,

We Can and Will Fix almost any problem that you could throw at us!

Here are some more reasons to choose us.

  • 30 Day Service Warranty. *

  • Always Available 24/7 If You Need Assistance. *

  • High Quality Parts. *

  • Fast Service. *

Still Have Questions About This Service?

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