Operating System Repairs & Restoration Let us Upgrade your Outdated System or Restore it from a recent or imminent Failure.
Operating System Repairs & Restoration Let us Upgrade your Outdated System or Restore it from a recent or imminent Failure.

Is Your Windows Operating System Giving You Problems?

  • Does your computer constantly give you error messages?

  • Is your computer overloaded with junk software or annoying start up programs.

  • Do you kind of get the feeling your computer boots and runs slower than it used to?

Maybe it’s time to have your Operating System re-installed or repaired, or maybe this may be a great chance to get a Operating System Upgrade!

Upgrading your Operating System

Whether you are a Mac or PC it is always best to have the latest Operating System.

Newer versions of Windows and Mac OS X are put out to make improvements and fix existing issues. In most cases the systems are faster than the one you have now and offer more tools and options as well. This also gives your computer a fresh start and gets rid of any old issues you may have been having.

Time For A Change? Well Let Us Help
Time For A Change? Well Let Us Help

Repairing or Re-Installing your Operating System

If you are having minor issues but enjoy your overall set up than maybe this is your best option. Having your operating system repaired will keep most things exactly the same except for the problems that plagued your system such as error messages, slow boot times, internet issues and so on. However if your system is really damaged we recommend a re-install. What a re-install will do is allow you to have a fresh start with your system. Basically this is the state your computer was in when it was first purchased. We will always back up your data and transfer it.

The Benefit of Using Our Services

All of our Operating System Upgrades or Repairs / Re-Installs come with our nice Software Care Package!

We backup your data such as files, pictures, documents , and we can also transfer them to your new System

We perform all of the necessary updates and security patches your system needs.

We will insure that all the essential software you need to operate your system will be properly installed and functional! The items include our Software Care Package


  • Office

  • WinRAR

  • Adobe Reader

  • Adobe Flash

  • Firefox.

If you need other software I’m sure we can provide it for you at a reasonable price or other software could be available for free.

We are also very patient will your re-delivery process.

When you come to pick up your computer we will spend as much time as you need to go over the new changes and show you how everything works, if significant changes have been made or your need to ask any questions we will specifically make time so you feel satisfied with your upgrades, installations, or fixes.

Why Choose Us?

Fast, Friendly, Local and Very Professional Services

Lowest Pricing In The Area

I have been fixing and working on computers for over 10+ Years,

We Can and Will Fix almost any problem that you could throw at us!

Here are some more reasons to choose us.

  • 30 Day Service Warranty.

  • 24/7 Support Available If You Need Assistance.

  • High Quality Parts.

  • Fast Service.

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