We can remove Trojans, Viruses, Mal-ware that is affecting your computer's safety and privacy

Virus on Your Computer?

The internet is a pretty scary place these days! One minute you are browsing your favorite site only to fall into a hackers spider web. It is unfortunate that this happens but it’s the world we live in. Lucky for you there are people like us who can make it a little better.

Computer acting weird..? You could have Trojans, Virus, and Worms
Computer acting weird..? You could have Trojans, Virus, and Worms


All of these things can potentially cause :

  • Complete System Failure,

  • Permanent Damage to your Files

  • Cause Privacy and Security Issues 

  • Open Windows Into Sensitive Information.


The Dangers & FAQ About Viruses

There are a lot of things people don’t know about computer viruses. Many techs have only removed them and never created one to understand it better. We have extensive knowledge and know exactly how to deal with computer viruses.

Types of viruses:


A Trojan is probably one of the most common viruses out there. They are essentially spy programs or data stealing programs. The reason they are called Trojans relates to the Trojan Horse story where a wooden horse was sneaked into a base hiding soldiers disguised as a gift. Computer Trojans are much the same way. They are often disguised as software but also install malicious programs. These programs have the ability to control, monitor, steal and send information to remote computers. They are extremely dangerous and anything personal on the computer can be compromised.



Spyware (AKA AD-WARE) –

A spyware program mostly relays information about your web whereabouts to sneaky companies or advertisers in order to direct ads or sell your information to would be advertisers. They are often disguised as tool-bars for web browsers but come in many different forms.





Viruses that are considered Mal-ware are malicious programs designed to do harm to your actual computer. Mal-ware will often leave a computer damaged and in need of repair. The sole goal of Malware is to do damage.




This type of virus is often designed to look like a legitimate program such as an Anti-Virus or a Windows Operating System Function. These programs are extremely convincing and hard to tell if they are real or fake. Often these viruses will pretend to be an Anti-Virus and take over your computer. The program may warn you and say you are infected and that the only way to remove the infection is to pay for the software. This is a scare tactic to get you to buy the software. Unfortunately even if you pay the hackers the program will either self destruct or stay on the computer causing harm. These programs are becoming increasingly popular and intelligent and are often tough to get out!





A commonly used term but often misunderstood. A Worm is a program that infects your computer and then uses your machine to infect other computers. An example would be a Worm infects you then sends all your email contacts a virus and infects them. Today’s worms are very smart and will infect all your media files, spread on your Facebook or MySpace, call your Skype contacts and even send out emails to your friends and family.



Removing Viruses & Repairing Damage

Our techs are trained to identify and remove viruses. We have a deep knowledge and employ all the available resources we have to remove and prevent viruses. We do a deep cleaning and triple check the system to ensure there is no trace left over. When we are done we print a report and go over ways to prevent getting infections in the future.

The Benefit of Using Our Services!


We perform all of the necessary updates and security patches your system needs.

Our virus removals include a FREE Anti-Virus to help protect you in the Future!

We Also will install and Free Spyware & Spam Removal, and Prevention Tool!

A patient delivery process. When you come to pick up your computer a tech will spend as much time as you need to go over the new changes and show you how everything works.

-How it works-

Bring your laptop or desktop (just the tower) to our office.

We can give you FREE DIAGNOSTICS and then help advise you on what your best course of action would be, The repair process will begin once you have received a FLAT-RATE price that is agreeable.

The turn around time with our services is usually Same Day or 1 to 3 days.

Depending on the Severity and Services that your Computer’s need’s

Why Choose Us?

Fast, Friendly, Local and Very Professional Services

Lowest Pricing In The Area

 I have been fixing and working on computers for over 10+ Years,

We Can and Will Fix almost any problem that you could throw at us!

Here are some more reasons to choose us.

  • 30 Day Service Warranty.

  • Always Available 24/7 If You Need Assistance.

  • High Quality Parts.

  • Fast Service.

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