Updated Services

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Desktop & Laptop:
Wherever you bought your computer, whatever the brand, we can repair it for you!
Computer Virus Check & Removal –
If you don’t have up-to-date antivirus software installed on your computer, chances are you’re infected normal costs 70$
Speed up Your PC –
Maintain Peak Performance: Often we can speed up your computer by optimizing your system’s settings. Or we can reinstall your operating system returning it to factory status.
Hardware Repair Pricing –
Upgrades and Installations: We can install nearly any component on your computer from RAM upgrades to replacement motherboards and processors, from 30$ Plus cost of Parts.
Laptop Screen Repair –
All Brands: Broken screens are the worst on laptops and we can fix it for you!
15.6″ screens start at
Computer Virus –
Check & Removal: Don’t let your system be one of the millions of systems that are compromised – and painfully slow! Our certified cleanup starts at 70$
Apple Repair –
iMac, MacBook, Mac mini: We can fix your Mac problems utilizing Apple proprietary software and parts obtained directly from Apple, will repair your system starting @ 70$